Thursday, October 1, 2009

 Today, I present for your enjoyment, 17 quick tavern tables. The charts are specifically designed to help you create a new tavern on the fly, in less than a minute!

If you didn’t quite have enough time to prepare or the PCs don’t go quite in the direction you thought they would the tavern is the most common stop along the way. Why not make it interesting?

In under a minute produce a tavern name, fill it with patrons, fill it with people, order drink and inquire about rooms. Guaranteed to help distinguish one tavern from another and help make what was once a footnote an interesting and memorable encounter space.

Tables 1-11 help you generate a name with over 64,000 possibilities (I think. Accurate math not guaranteed.)
Tables 12-15 fills it with people and helps create your space. The last to tables gets your PC's in a room. See the PDF for the whole chart.

The Full PDF