Monday, September 28, 2009

4e/Creature/Hill Giant Solo and Guardians

I apologize for the delay in posts. I was waiting for a reply from a certain company on a certain legal use issue. I have since filed my question through more official methods and I don't think it's worth waiting any longer. (I was also really busy.)

Something quick and simple tonight and more advanced stuff later in the week. Three creatures to help offer a chalenge in the later heroic teir.

First, the Solo Hill Giant.

This Hill Giant is more advanced than the standard version but also comes at a lower level. He's designed to help bridge Heroic and Paragon play, serving as a mini-boss, with the feel of a mini-boss. He's not to far from his standar cousins so by the time they're introduced it should be relatively seemless.

There are no immediate reactions, or bloodied abilites to keep track of. The Hill Giant wants to be in Melee and use Sweeping Club as often as possible, traping the PCs in a corner if one is easily available.

Pair with Striker and/or Artillery if facing five or more foes.

Divine Guardians

 These Large Animated Statues are modeled after two major gods. The Guardian of Bahamut is a tough target to tie down, using it's honorable resolve to stay mobile and in the fight.

It's Lightning Breath offers just enough control to help it keep PCs where it wants them and away from anything or one it might be protecting.

The Guardian of Malkind uses it's Shield Slam to move targets around, and War Hammer Sweep to keep them where they are. If Malkind is not available in your campaign Moradin or another warrior god works fine.

The Guardian's work well as a duo, with Malkind's being immune to Lightning, as well as seoarate in a mixed group.

Set them up as temple Guardians guarding an importnat artifact or statues come to life by powerful magic. If springing a surprise or waiting for something to happen, like someone grabbing the treasure in the middle of the room, before attacking, the Guardian's use Bluff to appear inanimate.

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