Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sahuagin Eel Lord

Everyone knows that Sahuagin love sharks, but surely  there are many other nasty creatures that lurk the deep. Inspired by Primal Power, I present to you the Sahuagin Eel Lord.

This scaly creature has a strangely bluish tinge compared to it's aquatic allies. As it stares you down with its yello sunken eyes, its hands begin to flicker with energy. Skins of of other creatures make up its clothes and a necklace of bones falls about its neck. Its brings up its hands in summons and from the deep dark below a multitude of creatures answers his call.


Tactics: Sahuagin Eel Lords try to hit as many enemies as possible with their Swarm of Eels attack. Once the zone is placed he sustains the ability for as long as possible, attacking enemies within the zone with Draining Ray.

Encounters: Eel Lords pair ideally with other Sahuagin. Soldiers a minions help it stay at range and artillery make good use of the imobilization effect of the Eel Lords Swarm Attack.

Pair with monsters who can also weaken for a particuarly tough encounter.

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