Friday, July 9, 2010

Free Orc Friday! 3 Orc Feats

For Free Orc Friday, I give you three quick feats to help your Orc player feel like he's part of a bona-fide player race.

Head for Blood
Prerequisites: Orc, Warrior's Surge Racial Power
Benefit: You can use Warrior's Surge, in place of a Melee Basic Attack, if your target is bloodied.

Natural Tribesman
Prerequisites: Any tribal feat, orc
Benefit: Treat the number of allies in range with the same tribal feat as being one greater.

Warrior Leader
Prerequisites: Orc, Warrior's Surge Racial Power
Benefit: You gain either your Wisdom Modifier or your Charisma Modifier in bonus hp when you hit with Warrior's Surge.

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