Thursday, July 15, 2010

Oathbound: Spellblind Part II

Please note: There was a mistake on the last Spellblind post, where the Oath was written to give the Spellblind only a +1 bonus. This bonus is meant to scale, as you level and has been corrected.


Spellblind Protector

"Even as my allies spout on about how they are in control of their powers and items, so I am called to stand in front and protect them from harms way. Yet I shall do so. A child who knows no truth of the world needs all the more protection."

Prerequisites: Spellblind Oath, Oathbound: Spellbound Feat, Defender Role

You have set an example for others to follow that one not need to dependent on magic to do great things. Not only have you kept pace with your magic wielding counterparts but you continually protect them from the harm. Much if that harm coming from magic, you might add. Over time, you've become more and more adept at the natural art of magical interruption.

Spellblind Protector Path Features

Hidden from Arcane Eyes (11th Level): The DC for all scrying on your person is increased by 5. At level 20 the DC increases by 10.

Intense Action (11th Level): When you spend an action point to take an extra action all enemies in a close burst 3 are marked until the end of your next turn.

Grounded Mind (16th Level): You may roll 1 saving throw at the start of your turn, for any domination, dazed, or fear effect that a save can end. If you are granted a saving throw at the start of your turn through any other feature, you must use this saving throw against a separate effect.

[M] Protective Strike (Weapon) Encounter  Spellblind Protector Attack 11
Standard Action    Melee 1
Target: One Creature
Attack: Strength or Constitution vs AC
Hit: [2]W + Strength or Constitution Modifier damage and all adjacent allies gain a bonus to defenses equal to either your Charisma or Wisdom Modifier till the end of your next turn.

Stubborn Preservation   Encounter   Spellblind Protector Utility 12
Immediate Interrupt   Personal 
Trigger: An enemy hits your Will Defense
Effect: Your will increases by +4 till the start of your next turn.

[M] Aura Killer (Weapon)   Daily   Spellblind Protector Attack 20
Standard Action    Melee 1
Target: One Creature Marked by you
Attack: Strength or Constitution vs Fortitude
Hit: 4[W] + Strength or Constitution Modifier damage and the creatures aura ends (save ends).

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