Tuesday, August 25, 2009

3E/Diety - Sindress

Greater God (Chaotic Neutral)
Sindress often appears as a beautiful woman in full battle regalia, with hair made of flames. Her followers are taught that battle is the greatest glory one can hope to achieve. Sindress’ clerics teach that with the help of Bruch, Sindress tricked Hennist and Tyra into falling in love which resulted in the creation of the world. Sindress is the mother of Celmpietal and Guiness.
Symbol: Flame
Portfolio: Fire, Love, War, Illusion
Domains: Charm (Eb 104), Courage (CW 114), Fire, Passion (Eb 107), Planning (CW 115), Trickery, War
Favored Weapon: Long Sword
Allies: Bruch (Fellow Trickster), Grapog (Trusted Ally)
Enemies: Hennist (Foolish and Naive), Hextre (Nuisance), Malkind (Directly Opposed)
Gender: Female
Home: Ysgard
Cleric Training: Clerics of Sindress are taught to fight and defend themselves by senior members and are often sent out to accompany armies into battle.
Quests: Clerics of Sindress are often sent to retrieve artifacts of great power, keep a conflict going, or even start them where there is peace.
Temples: Temples of Sindress often include weapon forges and swinging lanterns of eternal flame.
Rites: Sindress most important rituals are the blessings of troupes and sanctifying of battlefields. The clerics are often a means for young lovers to be married without their parents consent.
Herald and Allies: Angels, Archons, Fire Elementals, Ghosts of Warriors
Relics: Sindress' Sword, Sindress' Helm, Sindress' Plate

Sindress is one of my original pantheon gods andis still present in my 4th edition group. She is a god of passion, with war and fire tying in with this as well. She makes descisions quickly and is always of a stong and confident mindset but doesn't hesitate to change her mind, embodying chaos to a lesser degree than Jortin.

She proved popular with players and is an easy source of plot and adventures.

She is the mother of Celempietal (father is Malkind), and Guiness (father is a follower, Peldar). The version presented here is before these two events.

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