Tuesday, August 25, 2009

4E/Diety - Bane

Greater God (Lawful Evil)
Bane often appears as a large warrior in bronze or gold armor and a helm that hides his face in shadows. He is an ever reaching god who would like nothing less than absolute control of the cosmos.
Symbol: Fist
Portfolio: Tyranny, Fear and Evil
Domains: Fate, Skill, Tyranny
Favored Weapon: Spear, Longsword and Gauntlet
Allies: Sindress, Asmodeus, Istus, Tiamat and Lloth
Enemies: Jortin, Malkind, Pelor, Mugar, Bahamut and Obad-Hai
Gender: Male
Home: Chernoggar
Cleric Training: Bane runs his church much like a large military. Early training puts clerics through a boot camp of sorts followed by other specialized areas of training.
Quests: Clerics of Bane are often sent to advise leaders. Their primary goals is to help right societies, into a more organized and authoritarian structure.
Temples: Temples often feature altars of dark iron or stone.
Rites: Prayer before battle. Thanks of present strength. Local ceremonies celebrating long standing organizations.
Herald and Allies: Angels and Archons
Relics: Bane’s Helm, the Bronze Heart, The Iron Codex, The Reneskria Scrolls, Bruch’s Broken Rapier

Another 4th edition god I decided to add to my pantheon. He's roughly the as WoTC's Bane except he was not around for any early events.

Bane killed Bruch as part of a scheme with Asmodeus. Asmodeus got most of Bruch's power and ascended to godhood. Bane got Bruch's realm of Yelmshand and used it to reform his own realm on this world.

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