Tuesday, August 25, 2009

3E/Diety - Malkind

Greater God (Lawful Good)
Malkind often appears as a large warrior with armor and weapons forged from stone, a great helm shielding his face. His followers are taught to obey and enforce the laws of this world while protecting the weak from evil and injustice whenever possible.
Symbol: Open Hand
Portfolio: Dwarves, Earth, Protection, Medics
Domains: Earth, Exorcism (Eb 106), Glory (CD 139), Healing, Nobility (CW 115), Protection, Strength
Favored Weapon: Mace
Allies: Hextre (Trusted Ally), Hennist (Trusted Ally/Ex-Lover)
Enemies: Tyra (Directly Opposed/Lover of Hennist), Grapog (Directly Opposed), Sindress (Directly Opposed)
Gender: Male
Home: Arcadia
Cleric Training: New clerics are often instructed to train at the side of an experienced cleric or a good knight.
Quests: Clerics of Malkind often accompany armies into battle, protect and help govern settlements (especially new or small ones), or are charged with protecting key individuals.
Temples: Temples of Malkind are always made of stone and metal. There are often built downwards with many sub layers and have outer walls.
Rites: Birth and funeral rites are the most important to a cleric of Malkind, as it is the start of protection and the return to the earth.
Herald and Allies: Archons, Earth Elementals, Spirits
Relics: Malkind's Hammer, The Helm of Malkind, The Light of the Dwarves

Malkind is my god of earht and protection. I very purposefully did not adapt Moradin because of Moradin's heavy association with the dwarves. While Malkind is often revered by the Dwarves, and he likes the dwarves, he's far from a Dwarven god. In fact in many area's Bahamut's not revered and he's The Symbol of Lawful Good.

This is his third edition self. He later reconciles with Sindress, has a son (Celempietal), wages a divine war, and gains more good diefic allies.

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