Tuesday, August 25, 2009

3E/Diety - Jortin

Greater God (Chaotic Neutral)
Jortin is often depicted as a mad jester though it is said that when he appears it is in an almost constantly shifting form. Known as the mad god, there seems to be no reasoning with him, or reason to his actions. His clerics are taught to create chaos in their daily life.
Symbol: Lightning Bolt
Portfolio: Air, Weather, Music, Art, Wealth
Domains: Air, Chaos, Luck, Madness (CD 139), Passion (Eb 107), Travel, Weather (CD 141)
Favored Weapon: Long Bow
Allies: Bruch (Brother)
Enemies: None, but is considered unstable by the gods
Gender: Male
Home: Limbo
Cleric Training: Jortin’s clerics are often bards or thieves first. They learn the tools of Jortin while accompanying other members of their dual class on missions.
Quests: Clerics of Jortin are always on one quest: to create chaos within order. Some do this with whimsy; others do this in a more disruptive way.
Temples: Jortin’s Temples are often attached to theatres or other local cultural center. They can also be places to sell and buy illegally in out of the way places.
Rites: Clerics of Jortin celebrate the creation of new works and ideas on a daily basis.
Herald and allies: Air Elementals, Visions
Relics: Jortin's Bow, Jortin's Marbles

Jortin is the mad god, totally emodying chaos and madness. For that reason most gods tned to steer clear of him, not wanting his eire or even general attention. Most mortals would do the same but he also governs the weather and sky's of the world and is a patron of creativity. Servants of the mad god follow him for vastly different reasons.

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