Tuesday, August 25, 2009

4E/Diety - Asmodeus

Intermediate God (Lawful Evil)
Followers of Asmodeus promote Tyranny, not only in government but in life. Only through strong social structures can the races achieve a type of divine perfection. Of course, within that structure, one should strive to rise in ranks by any means. The church of Asmodeus urges its adherents to seek power over others, to repay evil with further evil, to exploit kindness for personal gain, and to show no compassion for the weak and downtrodden.
Symbol: Ruby Rod
Portfolio: Power, domination and law
Domains: Civilization, Skill, Torment, and Tyranny
Favored Weapon: Mace
Allies: Tiamat, Istus, Celempietal, Bane and Grapog
Enemies: Corellon Larethian, Malkind, Sindress, Mugar, and Bahamut
Gender: Male
Home: Baator
Cleric Training: Clerics of Asmodeus memorize tomes of the various laws of nearby kingdoms as well as the laws of Baator all the while working under a direct supervisor and taking care of anything assigned. They often do not advance until they take proper initiative.
Quests: Whatever their superiors need them to do. Often this involves the corruption and capture of souls, support for the bloodwar, or making new tyrannies.
Temples: Asmodeus favors easily defended, military structures, often at least partially subterranean. When his followers control the local government, his temples are more often above ground, and become bustling center of commerce and bureaucracy.
Rites: The month of Bathorous is said to revere the devils and Asmodeous. On the 13th of Bathorous Asmodeus supposedly rose to divinity. Followers also revere promotions in rank, and anniversaries of long standing social structures.
Herald and Allies: Devils, Archdevils
Relics: Ruby Rod, the Cloak of Asmodeus, Whip of Phongor, Bensozia’s Silver Chain Asmodeus is one of the gods included in 4th edition. My homebrew setting was originally 3.0 and he at that time was simply the archlord of hell, a greater power but no god. I explained all the changes from 3.x to 4th edition with world shattering events. The last battle was suppossed to end with Asmodeus stealing the power of existing god Hextre, destorying him in the process. Well my players intervened in a manner not set up and one of my players ended up ascending to godhood instead (the above mentioned Mugar). Well that didn't stop him and he ended up using Bane as a conduit and ascending when Bane killed Bruch. One of his goals as a god was getting the uperhand in the blood war. When he ascended he took the initial burst of power and moved Baator into the Astral Sea. This severed several of the connections between Baator and the Abyss, making it more difficult for the demons to flood Avernus (the first layer of hell) with their superior numbers. Instead of pushing the war further into the Abyss and begin conquering its many layers, Asmodeus instead is focussing on keeping his realm secure and keeping a strong force on Pazunia. The demons instead have funnelled their numbers through other portals and have an increased number on the world. Devils pursue them there, in area's of interest, and the Blood War rages still, especially in the area know as the Fields of Blood. Bensozia was Asmodeus' former consort and mother of Glasya. Phongor is the Inquisitor of Hell.

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