Tuesday, August 25, 2009

4E/Creature/Minion - Greenscale Warrior/Blackscale Tribal Fury

Tactics: Greenscale warriors are the front line of most tribes. They protect the mystics and set up basic flanking, but generally try to keep out of the way of the more capable warriors. They do not fear dying for their tribe.

Notes: Lizardfolk really needed a minion in my mind. I'm going to give all of them the hold breath ability to keep the flavor of 3rd edition.

Tactics: Blackscale Tribal Fury lead war parties of lizardfolk into battle. They employ abmushes and flanking tactics, always favoring facing their enemies head on whenever possible.

Notes: These creatures make really good mini bosses. If tow are put together in one encounter it should be a big deal.

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