Tuesday, August 25, 2009

4E/Diety - Celempietal

Lesser God (Lawful Neutral)
Celempietal is often seen as a middle aged dwarf with no hair, or beard, whose skin is made out of adamantine. In fairness, he has the tendency to change forms when addressing those of other races so they can be at eye level. His clerics teach order in all things and practice ritual shaving only after they believe they have achieved discipline over their lives. He is the son of Malkind and Sindress.
Symbol: Circle with Dotted Middle
Portfolio: Law, Buildings, and Pacts
Domains: Civilization, Creation, and Protection
Favored Weapon: Warhammer and Shield
Allies: Sindress, Malkind, Asmodeus, Bahamut, Poseidon, and Mugar
Enemies: Grapog, Jortin, and Lloth
Gender: Male
Home: Mechanus
Cleric Training: Clerics of Celempietal Study Law as well as Religious Doctrine in Rigorous Schools.
Quests: Clerics of the law god are often set to guard important texts as well as critical and ancient buildings. Trusted followers might be assigned to oversee the creation of pacts and treaties between rivals and powerful enemies.
Temples: Small Fortreses
Rites: Celempietal honors few days, but considers new pacts, both great and small momentous. They also celebrate the start of a new year as well as major anniversaries of local important texts and nations.
Herald and Allies: Modrons and Inevitables
Relics: The Golden Rulebook, The Five Treatise Scrolls of Legend

One of the first gods my players had a hand in forming. For a very long time the goddess Sindress and the god Malkind were at odds with each other. During the Divine War stakes were high and these two came together with help of the players. Afterwards they remained allies and during a time of passion, as the goddess of passion tends to produce, Celempietal was made.

Civillization is the god of law. He overseas structure both physical and figuritivie. He makes a avaluable additional  to most dwarven pantheons but is otherwise filler or plays a limited role. While he promotes order and civillization his ability to protect it is limited and relies heavily on his alliances with other dieties and earthly followers.

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